Certified Algorand Developer

Certified Algorand Developer

Algorand’s Pure Proof of Stake (PPoS) is Blockchain & Finance’s Future

The BCA Certified Algorand Developer program allows you to demonstrate the knowledge to develop and maintain client applications and Smart Contracts using the latest Algorand programming model.

Who is it for?

The Certified Algorand Developer course is for developers who want to demonstrate their ability to manage the end-to-end application lifecycle, including developing, packaging, and deploying Algorand applications or Smart Contracts. In addition, this course enables developers to build state-of-the-art application features using Algorand software development kits (SDKs) and Developer Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

What it Demonstrates

A Certified Algorand Developer demonstrates the knowledge to develop and maintain Algorand Distributed Applications (DApps), client applications, and Smart Contracts. The Certification credential verifies the skills and knowledge of Algorand use cases, the Algorand Development Ecosystem that includes DApps, Smart Contracts, and features using the latest Algorand APIs, SDKs and development model. A developer must also be able to:

  • Build and configure a development environment.
  • Develop and build Algorand applications, Smart Contracts, and other applications using Algorand SDKs and APIs.
  • Complete the end-to-end application lifecycle, i.e., build, test deploy and maintain applications.
  • Develop, build, deploy an Algorand application using one of the many Algorand SDKs.
  • Passing a high integrity exam demonstrates the candidate’s ability to perform challenging real-world tasks under time constraints and your extensive Algorand skills and understanding.

Courses in this Certificate Program

  • 20 Total Hours
  • OnDemand & Project Based: 10 Hours
  • LIVE Instructor: 10 Hours
  • Tuition: $695
Courses in this ProgramHours Delivery Method
Student Orientation1 HoursLIVE Online Instructor Led
Algorand Enterprise Strategist3 HoursOnDemand - Instructor Supported
Algorand Developer Environment2 HoursOnDemand & Project Based
Algorand Smart Contracts 2 HoursOnDemand & Project Based
Algorand DApp Development3 HoursOnDemand & Project Based
Algorand Developer LIVE Workshop 5 HoursLIVE Online Instructor Led
Live Instructor AMA - Weekly 5 HoursLIVE Online Instructor Led

Upcoming LIVE Instruction Dates

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Algroand Developer Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of this intensive program, participants will be able to:

Build and configure a development environment

Develop and build Algorand client-applications, Smart Contracts, and other applications using Algorand SDKs, and APIs.

Complete the end-to-end application life-cycle, i.e. build and test applications.

Install, develop, deploy and maintain an Algorand application using one of the many Algorand SDKs.

Certificate of Completion – Algroand Developer – 20 Hours

Eligible for BCA Certification Exam

  • Certifed Algorand Developer
  • Exam Fee is included in your tuition


General fluency with full stack development, Basic knowledge of Python needed, and also a working knowledge of either JavaScript, Go, or Java.

Target Audience

The great thing about Algorand is that developers can build assets by using a programming language they’re familiar with. Algorand supports Java, JavaScript (node. js and browser), Go and Python SDKs, REST APIs, as well as many community SDKs, such as rust, swift, PHP, dart, and C#.

Sample Course Content


  • Module 1: Introduction to Blockchain, Algorand, and the Future of Finance
  • Lesson-1: Introduction to Algorand
  • Lesson-2: Blockchain 101
  • Lesson-3: Future of Finance

Module 2: Algorand in-depth

  • Lesson-1: Cryptocurrency
  • Lesson-2: Scalability, Security, Decentralization
  • Lesson-3: Nodes, Wallets, Transactions
  • Lesson-4: Algorand Protocol
  • Lesson-5: Interactive Exercise

Module 3: Algorand Architecture

  • Lesson-1: Algorand Architecture

Module 4: Innovation

  • Lesson-1: Core BC Innovation
  • Lesson-2: Demo

Module 5: Smart Contracts and DApps

  • Lesson 1: Smart Contracts
  • Lesson 2: DApps

Module 6: Governance

  • Lesson-1: Governance


Module 1: Getting Setup with the Algorand Developer Environment

  • Lesson 1: Algorand Developer Environment

Module 2: PyTEAL

  • Lesson-1: PyTEAL Installation and Configuration
  • Lesson-2: PyTEAL Demo
  • Lesson-3: Sandbox Introduction
  • Lesson-4: Sandbox Demo & Module 2 Recap

Module 3: Software Development Kits (SDKs)

  • Lesson-1: SDKs
  • Lesson-2: Java SDK Demo

Module 4: Account Creation and Funding

  • Lesson-1: Accounts

Module 5: Exercise – Setup Your Environment

  • Lesson-1: EXERCISE- Setup Your Environment


  • Module 1: Smart Contract Introduction and Course Overview
  • Module 2: Create Smart Contract with PyTEAL
  • Module 3: Deploy TEAL as a Contract
  • Module 4: Smart Contract Additional Details
  • Module 5: EXERCISE – Smart Contract Development


  • Module 1: Algorand Distributed Applications (DApps)
  • Module 2: DApp Exercises
  • Module 3: EXERCISE – Algorand DApp Development

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Program Info

  • Dates: Rolling Enrollment
  • Location: LIVE Online Instructor Led & OnDemand
  • Tuition: $695
  • Tuition Assistance
  • 20 Total Hours
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Additional Information

  • Guest Lectures & Networking
  • Hands-On Exercises
  • Weekly LIVE Instructor AMAs

Exam Voucher Included

  • Certified Algorand Developer
  • Issuing Body: Blockchain Certification Association (BCA)
  • 2 Hour AI Proctored Exam
  • 50 randomized questions out of 75 total questions
  • Passing Score: 75% (2 attempts)

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